Helps’ Limericks & Jokes

Summer Nights in Manhattan

She remains cool and gestures toward a shimmering red Ferrari parked ostentiously outside the bar window. There is not even a hint of argumentative strain in her husky voice; a line of simple documentation slides from her ruby lips:

— You see that real fancy Eye-talian car parked right out there? All paid for by satisfied customers of my blowjobs!

The man's mind reels in desire for this bewitching creature and her heavenly charms. He reminds himself that his birthday was spent alone and miserable, and that Christmas had never been a lavish event for him. His frugal existence merited a moment of supreme release.
He WOULD spend the two thousand clams on this floozy, and was already sure he would NEVER regret this decision.

The same ATM leads to the same alleyway, but this time a HOWL of delight echoes along its squalid walls.
Click Eye-talian car
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