Robert Helps’ Program notes


 While reclining in my bathtub I thought of the title to "Recollections". It was premiered in 1960 in Hartford, Conn. by William Masselos, another extremely fortunate choice of performer for me. Masselos has a very special warmth and expressivity as well as a wonderful and quite rare ability to feel out the long-line shape of a piece and to project that shape. He often comes up with, for example, his own dynamic solutions that are quite different from my indications. He almost never fails to convince me! "Recollections," along with a short Quartet piece of mine called "Nocturne for String Quartet" represent the culmination of a certain trend that I have indulged in at times — a trend that some people have proclaimed "post-impressionistic" — (sometimes minus the "post"). 

Robert Helps

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