Helps’ Limericks & Jokes

The Legend of Wanda Sue

“Who was Wanda Sue?” An existentially charged question which Robert Helps also wished to borrow as the title for his (yet-to-be-written) biography.

A bit of background to the fascinating story surrounding a literary myth…

The richness of the human experience was a guiding principle for Robert Helps. He thus sought to maintain a very diverse set of friends and acquaintances. (His enemies, however, were always identical: wan, academic, “careerist” creatures, frigid moralists with air-tight chakras.)

The gamut of society he frequented knew no boundaries (except maybe that presented by a church door). Included in his virtual address book:

famous pianists, unknown pianists, composers, professors,
students, secretaries, mailmen, waiters and waitresses,
unemployed trailer-park residents, misunderstood drag-artists, truckstop hookers, and diverse dignitaries of desire…